2016 – Samsung ES90 HD Digital Camera Review – (Updated) May 16

2016 – Samsung ES90 HD Digital Camera Review – (Updated) May 16

Screen shots of this Video on Google Photos:

Press F11 to view in full screen.

The Youtube Video:

5x Zoom
14.2MP Camera
720p Video Recording
Support ONLY up to 16 GB SD/Micro SD Card
(It Has NO information on the Box About this
Limitation).(Must Sales People Has NO background in Technology).
Proprietary Charger/Data Transfer Cable with DRM !

About Digital rights management (DRM):
Is NOT: Micro USB, Mini USB, I Don`t Even
KNOW the Connector Type. Even with a Cable with
that Connector CAN NOT Charge the Camera
OR Transfer Files to a Computer.
If you loose the Cable, You got to have luck to find one.
this camera was sold Worldwide, but can not
find any information anymore, even on
Samsung Website.
The Cable Cost 3 to 4 times then a regular
Micro USB cable. they provide you the price
but don`t have it in stock.
** If I could go back in time, I Would never buy
this camera BECAUSE:
1- NO SUPPORT for 16GB+ SD/Micro SD Cards.
2- Proprietary DATA/CHARGER Cable, and
is a VERY Short Cable with DRM !
3- You can only RECORD up to 20 Minutes @ Time.
After the 20 Minutes you have to start a NEW Recording.
(This is F&cked UP ).
and everybody knows that a HD Video takes
Gigabytes of Storage.
Samsung ES90 USES Open Source Firmware/Software, Why Limite US ???

We need the Government to FORCE those big
corporations to PROVIDE information on the BOX
about their Hardware/Software Limitations.

Anything you buy in a Hardware/Supermarket
has all information about their product, even
has the phone number in case you need support,
right @ the Box.

I Bought a Notebook/Laptop Computer from Samsung
and it was a fucked up Computer with a
64Bit Intel CPU with a 32 Bit Windows 7 Basic OS (With NO Information on the BOX.
Windows 7 Basic is the WORST Operating System EVER. Can’t Change Wallpaper
& can RUN up to 2 Software at the SAME TIME).
I Could upgrade the computer to 8GB of RAM,
But, Could NOT get a 64BIT Windows 7 Basic.
I Triple Booted with Windows 7 Basic (32Bits),
Linux Mint 64Bits and AndroidX86 32Bits.

We need to POLICE those big Companies and REPORT
those BAD Decisions to OUR Government, so they can
show who ARE in CHARGE in ANY COUNTRY.
“2017,The YEAR That We Can Have more Then 100 Operating Systems
On A Single USB Flash Drive/Pen Drive/USB Stick/Thumb Drive & SD Card”.

2016 – How-to Create a Perfect Auto Sustainability System Forever – December 20

Think About a Global Smart 21st Century Industrial Revolution.

WE Need (I will Create My OWN System):

We Need to Create a Global Authority to Manage the System.

01- Global Smart Open Source Identification Device, Know as ID Card.

– With ALL this Hacking Going on, I Believe Every ID System has Been Cracked.

– We Should Move Away from HTTP. (It’s 2017 and We Still use HTTP !!!!!!).

02- Global Smart Open Source Tax System

– X % (percentage) Goes to the Companies who Created the Technology + to the Companies who licensed the Technology.

– Every Component will have X number of percentage,

(Imagine a Car, Truck, Airplane, Train, Ship…)

– X % (percentage) Goes to the Companies who Created the Technology + to the Companies who licensed the Technology.

03- Global Smart Open Source Invention Network System.

– X Percentage of the Money Goes to the Companies who Created the Technology + to the companies Who Licensed the Technology.

04- Global Smart Open Source Hardware & Software Transportation System

05- Global Smart Open Source Hardware & Software Government System

06- Global Smart Open Source Hardware & Software Personal Voting Machine System.

– It’s ONE way Voting Machine.

– NO Network.

– We Buy the Machine & Create a Smart Password.

– NO Radios.

07- Global Smart Open Source Hardware & Software Health Care Development System

08- Global Smart Open Source Hardware & Software Banking System

– We need to put an END on Coins.

– We Need an Analog to Digital Money Bill.

09- Global Smart Open Source Politic Party

10- Global Smart Open Source 3D E-Shopping Mall

– In Every Browser will have a Shortcut of this Web Page.

– Will use Tor & I2P Secure Communications.

– In Each Country their Programmers will have a Complete Website

with Everything they want to Buy, Sale & Rent.

– Companies from Around the Globe will be able to interact with other

Companies and License their technology.

-Countries Can HIRE People from Other Countries.

11- Global Smart Open Source Smart Password Machine.

-Can be an Android or GNU+Linux Tablet with NO Network & NO Radios.

-One Way Smart Technology

Everything Can RUN on Top of Google Services Like:

YouTube, Google Photos, Google+, Blogger, Hangouts + Linphone https://www.linphone.org/, Jitsi https://jitsi.org/,
Telegram https://telegram.org/ , Pidgin https://pidgin.im/ , Yahoo Messenger, Twitter, WordPress + Others…

My Quote:

In a Global Smart Society, the People will be the Police & the Government !

J Renato S or Renato ZX

2016 December 20

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Screen shots of this Video + this TEXT on Google Photos:


Press F11 to View in Full screen

The YouTube Video:

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