2016 – How-to Create a Perfect Auto Sustainability System Forever – December 20

2016 – How-to Create a Perfect Auto Sustainability System Forever – December 20

Some Screen shots of the Video:


2016 – How-to Create a Perfect Auto Sustainability System Forever – December 20

Think About a Global Smart 21st Century Industrial Revolution
WE Need (I will Create My OWN System):

We Need to Create a Global Authority to Manage the System.

01- Global Smart Open Source Identification Device, Know as ID Card.
– With ALL this Hacking Going on, I Believe Every ID System has Been Cracked.
– We Should Move Away from HTTP. (It’s Almost 2017 and We Still use HTTP !!!!!!).
02- Global Smart Open Source Tax System
– X % (percentage) Goes to the Creators.
– Every Component will have X number of percentage,
(Imagine a Car, Truck, Airplane, Train, Ship…)
– X % of the Money Goes to the Companies who Created the Technology.
03- Global Smart Open Source Invention Network System.
– The Money Goes to the Companies who Created the Technology.
04- Global Smart Open Source Hardware & Software Transportation System
05- Global Smart Open Source Hardware & Software Government System
06- Global Smart Open Source Hardware & Software Personal Voting Machine System.
– It’s ONE way Voting Machine.
– NO Network.
– We Buy the Machine & Create a Smart Password.
07- Global Smart Open Source Hardware & Software Health Care Development System
08- Global Smart Open Source Hardware & Software Banking System
– We need to put an END on Coins.
– We Need an Analog to Digital Money Bill.
09- Global Smart Open Source Politic Party
10- Global Smart Open Source 3D E-Shopping Mall
– In Every Browser will have a Shortcut of this Web Page.
– Will use Tor & I2P Secure Communications.
– In Each Country their Programmers will have a Complete Website
with Everything they want to Buy, Sale.
– Companies from Around the Globe will be able to interact with other
Companies and License their technology.
-Countries Can HIRE People from Other Countries.

Everything Can RUN on Top of Google Services Like:
YouTube, Google Photos, Google+, Blogger, Hangouts + Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, WordPress…

My Quote:
In a Global Smart Society, the People will be the Police & the Government !
J Renato S or Renato ZX
2016 December 20
I Made a Video Earlier, this is just a Updated one.

Software Used to Text to Speech:


Screen shots of this Video + this TEXT on Google Photos:


Press F11 to View in Full screen
Pressione a tecla F11 para Visualizar na Tela Inteira

The YouTube Video:

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