2016 – Puppy Linux – Intro, Download,Verify & Create a Live USB & DVD – October 29

2016 – Puppy Linux – Intro, Download,Verify & Create a Live USB & DVD – October 29

Puppy Linux Works with Computers with at least 32 MB of RAM. and Works Very WELL
with today’s Computers. You don’t need to install it to the Hard Drive.
For old Computers use the 32bit & 64bit for the Others. In this Video I will Create a
Live USB and a Live DVD. You Have to Disable Secure Boot to Boot this OS.

# Use Firefox with a Extension Called Downthemall, it’s a Download Manager & gives you the Options to Verify the Checksum of the Download.
It’s Only Avalaible on Firefox.


Commmand to Verify the ISO:

md5sum slacko-6.3.2-uefi.iso

Slackware 14.1 32-bit Slacko Puppy 6.3.2
59bffc41a7e84e064de2253e42709da9 slacko-6.3.2-uefi.iso

Slackware64 14.1 64-bit Slacko64 Puppy 6.3.2
50d953480af826e9b699af343c9df6d1 slacko64-6.3.2-uefi.iso

md5sum slacko64-6.3.2-uefi.iso

Ubuntu Tahr 32-bit Tahrpup 6.0.5
902e1b3bb6999a6269271a0e54305efe tahr-6.0.5.iso

md5sum tahr-6.0.5_PAE.iso

Ubuntu Tahr 64 64-bit Tahrpup64 6.0.5
717962c042f905ed3512a2ed47d822ae tahr64-6.0.5.iso

md5sum tahr64-6.0.5.iso

For Mac OSX & Windows Users:

For really Old Computers try the 32bit Versions.

I Will make other videos with Puppy Linux

I’m Using Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon Edition

Screenshots of This Video on Google Photos:

Next Video About Puppy Linux:
Install Software & Get to know the System.


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I`m A Old School Computer User.I`m Always Looking To Learn New Things.

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