2016 – Arch Linux – Intro, Download,Verify & Create a Live USB – October 29

2016 – Arch Linux – Intro, Download,Verify & Create a Live USB – October 29

Arch Linux, a lightweight and flexible Linux distribution that tries to Keep It Simple.
Is a Rolling Release Distro & Can be installed on Computers that has at least 256MB Ram.

To Learn More:


Current Release: 2016.10.01
Included Kernel: 4.7.5
ISO Size: 792.0 MB

MD5: 97537db63e61d20a5cb71d29145b2937
SHA1: a549517801ab298899e97d1df1ba8d1fbc56182c

Use Torrent is the Best Choice to Download.

If you Don’t know How to Verify the Checksum:

Use Firefox with a Extension Called Downthemall, it’s a Download Manager & gives you the Options to Verify the Checksum of the Downloaded File.
It’s Only Available on Firefox.


You can Verify the ISO Hash (Checksum) with this Website:

Live USB Creator for Windows Users:

I Will Make How-to Videos on How to install Arch Linux.

I Created this Video from Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon Edition

SimpleScreenRecorder one of the Best GNU+Linux
Screen Recorder:

Screenshots of this Video on Google Photos:


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