2016, May 16 – Samsung ES90 HD Digital Camera Review

2016, May 16 – Samsung ES90 HD Digital Camera Review
5x Zoom
14.2MP Camera
720p Video Recording
Support ONLY up to 16 GB SD/Micro SD Card
(It Has NO information on the Box About this
Limitation).(Must Sales People Has NO background in Computers).
Proprietary Charger/Data Transfer Cable
is NOT: Micro USB, Mini USB, I Don`t Eaven
KNOW the Connector Type. Eaven with a Cable with
that Connector CAN NOT Charge the Camera
OR Transfer Files to a Computer.
if you loose the Cable, You got to have luck to find one.
this camera was sold worldwide, but can not
find any information anymore, eaven on
Samsung Website.
The Cable Cost 3 to 4 times then a regular
micro USB cable.they provide you the price
but don`t have it in stock.
** if i could go back in time i will never buy
this camera BECAUSE:
1- no SUPPORT for 16GB+ SD/Micro SD Cards.
2- Proprietary DATA/CHARGER Cable, and
is a VERY Short Cable
3- You can only RECORD up to 20 Minutes @ Time.
After the 20 Minutes you have to start a NEW Recording.
(This is F&cked UP ).
and everybody knows that a HD movie takes
Gigabytes of Storage.
Samsung USES Open Source Software,Why Limite US ???


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